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Hear what our happy customers have had to say about TickleFLEX insulin injection aid


"I recently purchased a Tickleflex for myself as I have been a diabetic for 24 years and feel like a pin cushion. My stomach resembles a road map, I was bruising all the time and often injecting into a nerve causing a lot of pain and bleeding. The first time I used my Tickleflex I was truly amazed. I found that my hand was more steady, there was no pain or bleeding and no bruising afterwards. This little device has changed my life and I was so impressed that I have brought one for my sister. I love my Tickleflex."
Sydney, Australia


"I procured 2 TickleFLEX from the diabetes Shop only by chance while perusing the site after placing my regular diabetic needs order.

At 70 yrs old with severe arthritis in both hands I was initially dubious of the claims nevertheless as they were free to me being a DVA Gold Card holder otherwise I may not have purchased them thinking them a gimmick. I have now used the TickleFLEX for over a month and unlike before not once has my shaking hands allowed the insulin needle to slip when inserted due to the clingy nature of the TickleFLEX "fingers". Unlike before I often caused the needle to slip resulting in bleeding.

Further, I am now able to use only one hand to inject myself which now allows me to reach the more inaccessible areas on my lower stomach as I am 165kg with spinal injuries. Finally, I have to say the product is virtually pain free, but the most startling discovery was that I had to down size my daily insulin amount because prior to using the TickleFLEX  I had not realised I was not effectively injecting the full dosage amount. 

I believe TickleFLEX should be available to everyone under the NDSS"



"I recently bought Tickleflex for my father who has been an insulin dependent diabetic for the past 10 years. He experienced so many difficulties with injecting. The results are incredible. Literally no more pain when injecting, no more bruises, no more accidentally hitting a nerve with the needle. This would also be amazing for children who require insulin injections. Couldn’t be more pleased."


Sydney, Australia


"I am a Type 1 diabetic, injecting myself for over 10 years. During this time I have suffered bruising, causing pain and discomfort many times. Recently I came across a small device called TickleFLEX and what a difference it has made to my life!! I noticed changes right away – my hand is steady, no bruising and I can reach different parts of my body. It’s amazing how this little device changed my life! Thank you to the inventor! Tickleflex my friend for life! Thank you for thinking out of the box."



"Hi, the TickleFLEX device is a little miracle. My daughter, Amy, who is 6 and a Type 1 diabetic could not stand the sight of the needle and would hide under the table each time she needed her insulin.  The first time I offered her TickleFLEX to cover the needle she was much happier and from that moment injecting insulin has become a game. What a relief! Thank you for thinking about the children, thank you for TickleFLEX."


Tasmania, Australia  


"It did significantly reduce the feeling of the needle and insulin going in and you could feel round the site a slight tickle. I have given a few out to patients and received some good comments, mainly reporting that it did in fact reduce the feeling of the needle and reduced the pain.”


United Kingdom


"Bought this for my son who has recently been diagnosed with type 1. He has a fear of needles so injecting insulin 4+ times a day was traumatic. Brought this, used once and suddenly he took over all injections. The mixture of not being able to see the needle and the distraction of how the TickleFLEX feels, just works."


United Kingdom


"Great item really pleased I came across it, only wish it had been available 21 years ago when I became Diabetic. Would have saved me anxiety & bad bruising, I highly recommend this product. Well done to the people who came up with this idea & went for it."



"This changed my sons life. He has a fear of needles and the anxiety meant he was unable to do his own injections and panicked knowing I had to. This arrived and I used it once, since then he has done all his own injections."



"My son Oliver always hated his night time injection. It always stung and he would hate having it. The TickleFLEX has enabled him not to worry about it anymore. It’s fun, distracting and doesn’t hurt."