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If you are a Diabetes Educator, GP or Endocrinologist we would love to talk to you in person about the benefits of using TickleFLEX and have you spread the word of how TickleFLEX can help your patients a worry free injecting process.

Please contact us on enquiries@tickleflex.com.au to arrange a time to talk, alternatively please send us a message through the form below or call us on +61 0403268998

Please see below some more information about how TickleFLEX came to light


Purpose of TickleFLEX:

    • Reduce the discomfort of hitting a nerve.
    • Gather up the subcutaneous tissue under the needle as might otherwise not be possible with a pinch to improve consistency.
    • Steady the hand to enable greater reach around the body to inject in more places, without going in too deep or shearing the needle.

Product details:

  • Manufactured out of Silicone with an anti-microbial additive which prevents bacteria building up on it
  • Can be washed and boiled
  • The silicone is flexible and holds shape, estimated lifespan 12 months
  • Comes with travel case and UV protector to prevent breakdown of silicone
  • Attaches to standard insulin pens, as well as any Universal single use 4 – 8mm needle and therefore can be used for more than just insulin. It does not fit the Toujeo Solostar pens or work with safety needles.


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